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Dolphin therapy is one of the animal-assisted therapy methods. This alternative form of therapy often uses dogs, cats or horses in addition to dolphins. The interaction of humans and animals releases endorphins in the body. By releasing these happiness hormones, our body is given the opportunity to learn new things better or to release internal blockages.

Especially in dolphin therapy there is a very strong interaction between humans and animals. The therapy couple human and dolphin act as one unit. Thereby therapeutic elements such as closeness, warmth and unconditional recognition of the animal towards humans as a medium at work are used. Through this commitment, the client’s resources are used positively and flow into the therapy process for support and prevention.

In addition to dolphin therapy, other additional therapies such as ergo and physiotherapy, singing bowl treatments and especially various relaxation therapies are of particular importance. Through the opportunity to learn new things within dolphin therapy or to solve existing blockages, these focal points are taken up and deepened in further therapies.

After working with the dolphins, actions, movements or social interactions are often much better and more targeted.

Dolphin therapy turkey
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